Saturday, 28 April 2012

My weekend

I know from time to time, we all go out on the town, or invite a few friends round for a drink, well last weekend i did just that, i invited friends and family round to my house for a few drinks, but a few turned into lots and lots. we chatted about good times and bad times, it was quite interesting really, because people can tell you lots of stuff you did'nt know when they are drunk, so lets just say it was an interesting conversation. People who get that drunk can take on the world, but what surprises me is they would not say boo to a goose in reality, it does make me laugh though, their characters and personalities just change. Anyway this conversation we were all having lasted till 5.15am saturday morning. When i finally got up at around 11am my brain was actually still asleep, and i could not focus on anything, i was like a walking zombie, when i dragged my butt downstairs i discovered empty wine bottles everywhere even in the oven lol :-) don't ask me how they got there, i have no idea. I just could not face the rest of the day, so i decided to go back to bed to get some sleep, well why did i bother because i could not get to sleep any way, so i just lay there for about an hour and a half, and i felt like S**T.
I have always said to myself i would never get that drunk again, you no the kind, room spinning, your eyes just cannot focus on anything at all. so why oh why do i do this to myself, guess its just all part of the fun, or is it? Ok the weekend is here yet again, so we know what that means, yes party time, and all the fun would not be the same without a drink, so i have answered my own question, yes it is all part of the fun :-) I will be in Birmingham this evening painting the town red with a few friends and letting my hair down, i must say though birmingham is always busy and always alive. would be nice to know what everybody else is doing this weekend. Now i know i woke up this morning and the ground was covered in frost and its very cold, so my outfit for this evening is something short lol. Abit of frost and cold will not stop me from looking good. So fun and lots to drink this weekend for me, and i hope you are all going to do the same thing, I will not however get that drunk :-) aww we shall see. xx have fun peeps. OMG what a weekend, i set off up to sunny norfolk for the weekend to relax and have some fun, like you do. Now i know we all have to try different drinks, just to see if we like them or not, so thats what i did :-( I have never been one for vodka and now i know why. Anyway i had a sour apple vodka drink, a cherry one and a coke one and my taste buds went into overdrive, they were lovely, but the danger of it is, you dont realise just how much you have had till you get out your seat and you can't work in a straight line, it just hits you then, well after my mad night i went back to where i was staying to sleep, don't ask me how i got into bed because i have no idea,. when i woke up i was covered in bruises and cuts, how the hell did they get there i have no idea, i dont think i was fighting because thats not me, only when i've had a drink lol. So its a mystery to me, all i know is vodka takes over your whole body and leaves you black and blue, will i do it again, yes i will because i want to retrace my steps from last time, and when i find out i'll let you know, that will NEVER then. So for all you vodka fans this is what i say. If vodka was water and i was a duck, i'd swim to the bottom and never come up, but vodka's not water and i'm not a duck, so slide me a bottle and shut the F**K UP!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hot Blonde

Hot Blonde  Hi all, hope everybody is doing well. just to keep you updated, I have my own website now so it would be great if you all could register and join my site, its all about my world of glamour modeling, it will be updated and new pictures will be added.. I hope i see you there soon.  hope to chat to you all to on there. join me now it would be great to have you all on board.. see you soon. xxxxxx
gaynor aka shylo. xxxxxx Just click on Hot Blonde. xxxx

More pictures have been added to the site, go and check them out. sign up and register, it only takes a minute. xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

mom and dad.

when i was little my dad left my mom to go and sow his oat's else where, but he left her with 5 children to look after until she meet my stepdad. Little did he know how much this would change his life.
We resented him, all of us and we made his life a living hell, everyday that went by one of us was getting into trouble with him, i think the hardest thing for him to endure was all of us kept saying "you can't tell us what to do, your not our dad" I am surprised he never left my mother, but he loved her and stayed with it. Now i have grown i realise that he has been more of a dad to me than my real one, he has always been there for all of us. My heart goes out to him.
Anyway i wrote a poem for them both to express how i felt, i hope you like it, some of you may know where i'm coming from specially if you have stepdads of your own.
Here it is.


When we were little, we never had

The love and trust you get from a dad.

Our dad you see was never there

He did’nt love us, he did’nt care.

So we grew with each other

With the love and affection from our mother.

The times we had were really great

And my dad I began to hate.

Our mom you see she cared for us

She took us all without no fuss,

She tucked us up in our bed

and stories great she always read.

She washed us all and kept us clean

Our mom you know was never mean.

Then one day a man did call

Who said to her he’d love us all.

We seen this man take care of mother

But we thought there’d be no other.

We did’nt like it much at first

Our tempers they began to burst.

We had lived our lives you see,

Of having mother just for me.

We made his life a misery

We made his life a hell

But the hurt it had on mother

We could never tell.

But as we grew older

And put our heads together

We knew this man would be with mom

Always and forever.

This man I tell you I never had

Was my true and loving dad.

He has been more of a dad to me

Than my real dad you see.

So I love him with all my heart

And have respect for playing his part.

He’s always there, he’s always about

He’ll never neglect us or leave us out.

Now I know that why he came

My eyes they now can see

He was meant to be

part of this loving FAMILY

Friday, 20 April 2012

more pictures

Ok i put up the poem, and everytime i try to edit it, it takes me to the modelsbareall page, so i thought i would add the picture that was suppose to go with the poem seperately, yes i'm blonde and it takes a while for my brain to compute. see this is the pic that goes with the poem that jack built. :-)

Ok while i am on about pictures, here are some examples of the work that i do. Glamour modeling or any modeling can be hard work, and there will be days when you think to yourself "Why do I Bother" but you have to carry on, else you just want get anywhere. I have been modeling for over 23 years now and i have had some good experiences and bad, its all part of the job, you learn as you go along.
I have travelled to many places and threw hard work i have now become the International Glamour model for Van Go Clothing in  America.
I have built my own website, been published in various magazines and have even had the priviledge of meeting David Sullivan.
I will add more pictures as i go along and i hope that you like them.

Laters peeps!!!!!

oh i have copied and pasted the link to you tube check it out.
hope it works.

This is a video a fan done for me bless them, don't no who it was, so if you see this post i would just like to say thank you. The video was a very nice compliment. i do no he or she is from italy, if you watch the video the lay out and words are in italian, It would be good to get some feedback. Its nice to know that there are people out there you don't even know, yet they are thinking about you. Hope you like the video guys and girls. I have a shoot coming up soon, so i will put a video together for you to see... have a great day everyone. xxx  I thought it would be a good idea to add more pictures to this blog, i hope you like them. xxx. yet another update folks please check me out on youtube, i hope this link works if not just type into youtube (gaynorbray brook) you can view it then. so here is the link and attached are more pics for you.

Just a quick note to you all, please join and subscribe to my youtube channel, just follow the link

To see more of me please go to the links provided, hope you like the pic lol.. the good bits have been bleeped out.

my poetry

Hi guys and Girls, some of you may no i am a glamour model by trade, but i do love writing poems, its away of expressing how you feel at that given time. The thoughts just come into my head then i take pen to paper and write it all down.. I have been writing poetry for many years now, mainly for myself, family and friends. The poem i am about to put up now was published in Soldier magazine, which I am quite proud of. As you may have guessed soldier magazine is all about our armed forces. I wrote this poem while my husband was away in afghanistan fighting for our freedom. It is hard at times when he is away on deployment because you constantly worry.
I am proud of him and all who serve in the army. I hope that you enjoy the poem because its how i felt at that time and still do. My husband and all those who serve have given me the freedom to do what i am doing now. He has seen some terribly things in his time, but coming back home to friends and loved ones makes all the difference
So here it is. :-)

My Love

I’m sitting here all alone
Just sitting on my bed
Knowing that deep inside
You should be here instead.

I think about where you go
And what it is you do
Never could I imagine
Just what its like for you.

God gave me such a special gift
That put life inside my soul
And loving you forever will be my only goal.

To feel your skin against my body
To see your loving smile
To touch your hand and your heart
If only for a while.

God keep you safe from evil
In a land so far away
And hope that you return to me
To be your wife one day.

I wish that I could kiss your lips
And feel your tender face
You must feel all alone
So lonely in that place.

But know that I am with you
Forever it will be
Until the day god brings you back, and brings you back to

I wish I could be there with you
I’d come if you should call
To take away your sadness
And end this bloody war.

For every grain of sand you tread
Know that this is true
If you look behind you’ll know that I’m with you.
For every star that shines so bright
You’ll see me looking down
With love for you forever
So don’t you ever frown.

When you see the moon at night
Make a wish for me
A wish that could bring you back
I'm lonely John you see.

I wrote this short poem for my daughter, who has taken me and her family for granted.
I will call it CHILDREN, so here it is.


life is hard you have to know, the kids you have will come and go. They break your heart although they can't see, it hurts you deeply so it does me. When they grow they still never learn, why should they when your not there concern. they use you for all that you have got, they take it all, they take the lot. I'm not giving up i'm not giving in, coz this time sweetheart you will not win.. I have been there for you in all you have done, i changed your nappy and wiped your bum. now its time you understood you've hurt me more than i thought you could. So i will say this and say it loud, i maynot be your mother, but you still make me proud.. xxx

Another poem i wrote all about my love for that special someone in your life, i hope you enjoy it and it would be great to get some comments on all the poems i have put up so far. hope you enjoy it.

                                          FOR YOU

                                          FOR YOU

For You I would climb the highest peek
Swim the deepest ocean
Your love I do seek.

For You I would cross the rivers most wide
Walk the hottest sands to be by your side.

For You are the one who makes me whole
You’ve captured my heart and touched my soul.
For You are the one who came out of my dreams
Gave me hope, showed me what love means.

For You alone are my reason to live
The compassion you show and the care that you give.
You came into my life and made me complete
Each time I see you my heart skips a beat.

For You are the one god sent from above
The angel I needed for whom I do love.

For You are the one that’s part of my heart
Together forever till death us do part.

I promise to give you all I have to give
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live.

I HOPE that one day you’ll come to realise
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

This poem i wrote for my mom, with 5 children to look after all on her own because my dad left us all when we were young. some of you may relate to this. hope you like it.


From when we were little
Until we had grown
My mom had to cope all on her own.
With 5 little children to love and to care
No help from my dad cause he was’nt there.
Now you just imagine what we were like
Round her feet both day and night.
Writing on boxes, writing on walls
I’m surprised she never throttled us all.
We screamed we’d shout, we’d lock her out.
We’d make a mess, we’d never pick up,
Till we got shouted out, just our LUCK.
Well my dad you see was never there
My mom had worries, but who would care.
We were little we never knew just how much she went through.
I’m glad I never knew my dad
My mom’s the only one I’ve had.
The pain he caused her
The sorrow and grief
But she was strong
She turned that leaf.
So we all grew up without a dad
But we were good and sometimes bad.
Not a cuddle, not a kiss
But what you don’t have, you don’t miss.
I admire my mom for all she’s done
She’s really played her part
That is why her precious name
Will stay faithful in my heart.
She took us to school
She’d take us the shop
There was’nt a day, my mother would stop.
She cooked and cleaned
And washed our clothes and bought our presents too,
Infact my mom did everything for me and us and you.
My mom she is a glow with love
And she gave it all to me
Growing and living with her
Has helped my eyes to see.
She is a special person
Who I will always love
on this earth and by her family
and the love from up above.
I would just like to say thank you
But I know that’s not enough
But what else can I say when words are not enough.