Saturday, 28 April 2012

My weekend

I know from time to time, we all go out on the town, or invite a few friends round for a drink, well last weekend i did just that, i invited friends and family round to my house for a few drinks, but a few turned into lots and lots. we chatted about good times and bad times, it was quite interesting really, because people can tell you lots of stuff you did'nt know when they are drunk, so lets just say it was an interesting conversation. People who get that drunk can take on the world, but what surprises me is they would not say boo to a goose in reality, it does make me laugh though, their characters and personalities just change. Anyway this conversation we were all having lasted till 5.15am saturday morning. When i finally got up at around 11am my brain was actually still asleep, and i could not focus on anything, i was like a walking zombie, when i dragged my butt downstairs i discovered empty wine bottles everywhere even in the oven lol :-) don't ask me how they got there, i have no idea. I just could not face the rest of the day, so i decided to go back to bed to get some sleep, well why did i bother because i could not get to sleep any way, so i just lay there for about an hour and a half, and i felt like S**T.
I have always said to myself i would never get that drunk again, you no the kind, room spinning, your eyes just cannot focus on anything at all. so why oh why do i do this to myself, guess its just all part of the fun, or is it? Ok the weekend is here yet again, so we know what that means, yes party time, and all the fun would not be the same without a drink, so i have answered my own question, yes it is all part of the fun :-) I will be in Birmingham this evening painting the town red with a few friends and letting my hair down, i must say though birmingham is always busy and always alive. would be nice to know what everybody else is doing this weekend. Now i know i woke up this morning and the ground was covered in frost and its very cold, so my outfit for this evening is something short lol. Abit of frost and cold will not stop me from looking good. So fun and lots to drink this weekend for me, and i hope you are all going to do the same thing, I will not however get that drunk :-) aww we shall see. xx have fun peeps. OMG what a weekend, i set off up to sunny norfolk for the weekend to relax and have some fun, like you do. Now i know we all have to try different drinks, just to see if we like them or not, so thats what i did :-( I have never been one for vodka and now i know why. Anyway i had a sour apple vodka drink, a cherry one and a coke one and my taste buds went into overdrive, they were lovely, but the danger of it is, you dont realise just how much you have had till you get out your seat and you can't work in a straight line, it just hits you then, well after my mad night i went back to where i was staying to sleep, don't ask me how i got into bed because i have no idea,. when i woke up i was covered in bruises and cuts, how the hell did they get there i have no idea, i dont think i was fighting because thats not me, only when i've had a drink lol. So its a mystery to me, all i know is vodka takes over your whole body and leaves you black and blue, will i do it again, yes i will because i want to retrace my steps from last time, and when i find out i'll let you know, that will NEVER then. So for all you vodka fans this is what i say. If vodka was water and i was a duck, i'd swim to the bottom and never come up, but vodka's not water and i'm not a duck, so slide me a bottle and shut the F**K UP!!!!!!

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