Tuesday, 24 April 2012

mom and dad.

when i was little my dad left my mom to go and sow his oat's else where, but he left her with 5 children to look after until she meet my stepdad. Little did he know how much this would change his life.
We resented him, all of us and we made his life a living hell, everyday that went by one of us was getting into trouble with him, i think the hardest thing for him to endure was all of us kept saying "you can't tell us what to do, your not our dad" I am surprised he never left my mother, but he loved her and stayed with it. Now i have grown i realise that he has been more of a dad to me than my real one, he has always been there for all of us. My heart goes out to him.
Anyway i wrote a poem for them both to express how i felt, i hope you like it, some of you may know where i'm coming from specially if you have stepdads of your own.
Here it is.


When we were little, we never had

The love and trust you get from a dad.

Our dad you see was never there

He did’nt love us, he did’nt care.

So we grew with each other

With the love and affection from our mother.

The times we had were really great

And my dad I began to hate.

Our mom you see she cared for us

She took us all without no fuss,

She tucked us up in our bed

and stories great she always read.

She washed us all and kept us clean

Our mom you know was never mean.

Then one day a man did call

Who said to her he’d love us all.

We seen this man take care of mother

But we thought there’d be no other.

We did’nt like it much at first

Our tempers they began to burst.

We had lived our lives you see,

Of having mother just for me.

We made his life a misery

We made his life a hell

But the hurt it had on mother

We could never tell.

But as we grew older

And put our heads together

We knew this man would be with mom

Always and forever.

This man I tell you I never had

Was my true and loving dad.

He has been more of a dad to me

Than my real dad you see.

So I love him with all my heart

And have respect for playing his part.

He’s always there, he’s always about

He’ll never neglect us or leave us out.

Now I know that why he came

My eyes they now can see

He was meant to be

part of this loving FAMILY

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