Friday, 20 April 2012

more pictures

Ok i put up the poem, and everytime i try to edit it, it takes me to the modelsbareall page, so i thought i would add the picture that was suppose to go with the poem seperately, yes i'm blonde and it takes a while for my brain to compute. see this is the pic that goes with the poem that jack built. :-)

Ok while i am on about pictures, here are some examples of the work that i do. Glamour modeling or any modeling can be hard work, and there will be days when you think to yourself "Why do I Bother" but you have to carry on, else you just want get anywhere. I have been modeling for over 23 years now and i have had some good experiences and bad, its all part of the job, you learn as you go along.
I have travelled to many places and threw hard work i have now become the International Glamour model for Van Go Clothing in  America.
I have built my own website, been published in various magazines and have even had the priviledge of meeting David Sullivan.
I will add more pictures as i go along and i hope that you like them.

Laters peeps!!!!!

oh i have copied and pasted the link to you tube check it out.
hope it works.

This is a video a fan done for me bless them, don't no who it was, so if you see this post i would just like to say thank you. The video was a very nice compliment. i do no he or she is from italy, if you watch the video the lay out and words are in italian, It would be good to get some feedback. Its nice to know that there are people out there you don't even know, yet they are thinking about you. Hope you like the video guys and girls. I have a shoot coming up soon, so i will put a video together for you to see... have a great day everyone. xxx  I thought it would be a good idea to add more pictures to this blog, i hope you like them. xxx. yet another update folks please check me out on youtube, i hope this link works if not just type into youtube (gaynorbray brook) you can view it then. so here is the link and attached are more pics for you.

Just a quick note to you all, please join and subscribe to my youtube channel, just follow the link

To see more of me please go to the links provided, hope you like the pic lol.. the good bits have been bleeped out.

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